Hey penguins, there is a new newspaper today. It is the 220th newspaper! They will probaly come out with a newpaper pin on the 250th edition…What do you think? Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic thank you for donating in coins for change.

Upcoming Events:

January 1 : Payday for Agents and Tour Guides!
January 1 : New Penguin Styles catalog!
January 1 : New pin!
January 8 : “Fairy Fables” play returns to the stage!

The winner was emailed the code yesterday!


One Response

  1. Nice Post! 😀 Want To Come To My 100,000 Hits Party? YOU ARE ONE OF THE 584 PENGUINS INVITED!
    DATE: January 3 (Sunday)
    TIME: Noon (PST)
    SERVER: Sherbet
    ROOM: Dock
    This Party Will Be HUGE! Expect A Full Dock, And Tons Of Fun! We Will Play games, Tell Jokes, Visit Igloos, And PARTY! Player Cards Will Be Featured, and Party Pics Will Be Posted On My Site. One Lucky Penguin Will Win A Mystery Code! Hope You Can Come!

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