Working Coin Code Contest!

the winner is abrcrmbie351! Congratulations! I sent her the code today!

Hey penguins, i went to toys-r-us today and picked a a coin code…So here is a contest that i think you guys will enjoy!

Okay, so comment anything you want to on this post. Suggestions for the site, your favorite thing on clubpenguin, you favorite item, or whatever you want. Be sure to leave your penguin name so i can email you! and please leave a VALID email. You don’t have to leave a website if you don’t have one. DO NOT LEAVE MORE THAN ONE COMMENT OR YOU WILL BE IP BANNED! That is considered spamming or cheating. One this post reaches a certain number of comments, i will go to and generate a random number between 1-? the ? equals the number of comments left. Have fun and play fair!


5 Responses

  1. it sounds really cool. one thing you could do is get more widgets up and banners for your site and you can get more hits.

  2. My Favorite item on CP is the tiara


  4. I like the Holiday Party!

  5. Green and purple dress!

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