Rockhopper Tracker 2009!

Here is one of the only real rockhopper trackers on the net! Even rockhopper likes it!

Arrrr, She’s a beauty…

Remember to refresh the page every hour to get his latest location!!! Please embed this tracker on your website, but don’t change the code please!

So go embed it on your webpage! It will be updated about every hour except at night, (8:00 PM-7:00 AM Eastern Standard Time) so have fun! Click here to go to the tracker main page.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Paintboy100 Here just letting you know that we just launched a new clubpenguin trackers and widgets site called clubpenguinwidgets.comYou’re invited to be one of the first cp bloggers to use it. We recoded our trackers and have trackers for sensei, aunt arctic, rockhopper, cadence, penguin band, and more. We also builta bunch of exclusive widgets that no other CP widgets site has!!Hopefully the site helps you make your job easier!P.S.You Don’t Have To Publish This Comment

  2. It took a little longer than usual for the page to load but i’m happy i gutted it out.
    Edit: HuH???

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