Upcoming Events

Here is some upcoming events for members; but there is a lot more coming for nonmembers!

  • Discover a special sleigh adventure in this month’s Christmas Party!
  • get creative with new outfits-and there’s new furniture too…just in time for an igloo contest!
  • explore the migrator and find rare prizes in rockhoppers catalog!
  • access the fire dojo and continue your ninja journey by playing card jitsu fire!

I think that rockhopper will be bringing back the pirate first items! Like the red bandana, and the blue captains hat! What do you think? I have the first nonmember item he brought, but, I wasn’t a member back then so I didn’t get the member items. So this will be a great chance for all the people who weren’t playing back then to get the items, or if you weren’t a member you can get them now!


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