Well, it looks like RH is coming again! If you don’t know who he is then please click here.

Also, doesn’t his ship look different? The rim seems kinda green…I think that it will be like last year, when his ship was all christmassy! That was really cool! Comment on what you think the green is!

Another thing is the ice rink is back! If you want to ever find my penguin, and i got a good pic of what 123kirby will be wearing from now on! Oh, and yes we will release a RH Tracker on the eleventh!

Oh, and we updated our EPF walkthrough! It now has the downloaded missions, and is easier to navigate. Click Here to go to the EPF Walkthrough. We are also having a contest, which is going to be the One Million Coin Igloo Contest! Email your entries to and we will review your igloo!  The first place winner gets 1,000,000 coins, the second place winner gets 500,000, and third place gets 250,000. The igloo theme will be “A Modern Christmas” The only rule is NO excessive use of christmas trees, or you will be disqualified! Have fun, and Good Luck!


1. Make your igloo on the theme “A Modern Christmas”

2. Take a picture with the key PRNT SCRN on the keyboard.

3. crop it with paint or any other photo program.

4. Send your igloo picture to

5. If you get in first, second, or third place he will send you back an email saying: You have won! Please supply you username/password and I will get you the coins!”

6. 123kirby knows how bad and unfair it is to hack, so he won’t hack with any bad programs. your account.  And once he goes on once to get the coins for you, he will NEVER go on again! This is a gauruntee and 123kirby promises not to ban any contestants!

Also, if you don’t feel safe with this then please compete for a free membership by click below:

How to get a free membership


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