Snow Maze Gone

Sadly the snow maze is gone! But, on the bright side, if you finished you can get a really cool snow beast item!

Also, coins for change is coming! If you weren’t aroung in 2008 or 2007, CFC is a program where you donate coins to club penguin so they can give to the needy! I have been saving up and i’m donating 100,000 coins! What about you? Please comment telling how much you will donate, or with any other concerns!


3 Responses

  1. 2000 for each one

  2. Hey! 😀 AWESOME Website! I was hoping you could come to my party! (ABOUT 500 PENGUINS WERE INVITED!) Here’s the info:

    DATE: December 3 (Thursday)
    TIME: 5:00 PM PST
    SERVER: Sherbet
    ROOM: Dock

    Cdecker81 will be giving out 1 FREE FIRE JITSU CARD CODE, and ONE SERIES 5 COIN CODE to 2 Lucky penguins that come to the party! Some special guests will be arriving at the party also! I will take party pictures and feature penguins on my website: http:/www.ClubPenguinGalaxy.Com See you there!

  3. I will donate 1000000 coins
    *EDITED*To many zeros fireguy344.

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