New Contest

Hey guys, i have had several contests in the past few months, so i think i’ll hold another one. This ones unique though: The person with the best igloo gets *Drum Roll* ONE MILLION COINS!!! I Promise I won’t ban, hack on, or anything to your penguin! (Thanks to fireguy344 for the idea)


1. No stealing igloo ideas.

2. You MUST have the igloo editing button in the picture, so i can be sure its yours 🙂

3. Email you entry to


Disclaimer: if you have been caught with another igloo not yours, you will be disqualified. I am sorry, but no hacking of the coins for this contest, because it would be unfair to all of the people who want to play fairly. even says that the use of bad programs will get you banned, even if you aren’t doing anything bad! so 123kirby AND lake5 STRONGLY disagree with cheating!



One Response

  1. c l u b p e n g u i n
    123kirby: Fireguy, please don’t post off topic comments.

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