Snow Maze

Hey Guys! Club Penguin announced a new Snow Maze! It’s coming out in two days!


rory is building this maze, supposedly. Sadly, its for members only! So, i might post a free membership contest soon! This picture is not copyrighted Feel free to use it.


Free Penguin Contest:

Name: Prsye (1200+ days old, rare, old member)

Password: Goes to winner! First one gets it! (You probably can’t guess it, because its in another language.)

Question 1: What day did Club Penguin start? (First Version; penguin chat)

Question 2: Unscramble this word: lgicoatloueo

Question 3: What are all the moderator’s names in Club Penguin?

Question 4: Who are all the mascots?

Question 5: What was one the first room in Club Penguin?

If anyone gets all of these right, then they win the contest. First one wins!



One Response

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    ~Eva 🙂

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