New play, news, and room!

WOW! This is a week of cool stuff! The new newspaper is out, which i think i already posted about, and the another cool thing that is around is the new room! cp promised a new room a few months back, and here it is. To get to it, go to Ninja Hideout, and buy the amulet from the catalog. Next go to dojo, and click on the fire brick. Go in the door. You are in the new room! The new play (thanks to cathareya for the cheats) has several cheats:

1. Secret Room: Step on an “x” with friends (one wearing bug costume)  and wait until a rock glows. Go into the door after it opens.

2. Special Edition Pin: Inside the secret room, stand on the “x”s again with friends until treasure chest opens, one must be wearing Bug Suit.

Picture 4

I hope you enjoy the new stuff in Club Penguin!!!


One Response

  1. Hi dude,great site. Check out for the new date of the coin code contest!

    ~browers~ 😉

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