New Newspaper!

Picture 1

As you can see from the pic above, the volcano has been tamed! And there is also going to be a new Ninja Journey, so return to the ninja hideout soon!  I think you might be able to go into the volcano!

Picture 2

By the way, the volcano was calmed by a special almulet you guys made. (well, members that is. I’m not a member…) Comment on your opinion of what the volcano will turn into! Will it disapear? will it turn into a new room? (Club Penguin promised a new room!) Will it be in the new mission? Only YOUR opinions count! Oh also, here are some upcoming events:

  • November 6 – New Clothing Catalog
  • November 6 – New Pin
  • November 13 – New Stage Production
  • November 13 – New Postcards
  • November 20 – New Igloo Catalog

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